About Us

Where Decadence is a Virtue

Take a homegrown Medjool date, dip it in exquisite Belgian chocolate, allow the two to mesh lusciously, and let the palate indulge. A love story unfolds…

The simple yet ingenious concept behind The Delights Shop emerged in 2000. The intent was not to introduce yet another brand of chocolate but rather to create a new taste with a healthy twist. Since then, The Delights Shop has become a leading Jordanian manufacturer and marketer of chocolate-covered dates that are both pleasurable and affordable.

The Delights Shop prides itself in using the finest ingredients in its production of these little delights. 

Each delightful product is the result of an artisanal process, carried out with intricate care every step of the way, from the selection of natural ingredients to the beautiful custom-made packaging. The result is an ideal gift for the discerning customer.

Not all pleasures are sinful. A chocolate-covered Medjool date is such a transgression.


Desert Delights

A passion, a dream, and a lavish strip of land snug in the Jordan Valley – these are the chapters that make up the story of The Delights Shop.

In 1986, the Progressive Agricultural Investment Company (PAI) was established as a family plantation with the sole purpose of growing and cultivating Medjool dates. These large, sweet and succulent dates are exclusive to the Jordan Valley.

In the beginning, PAI had some 600 saplings on two plantations. Today, over 9600 Medjool date palm trees grow on eight plantations covering an area of one million square meters. Plans to plant trees on another half million square meters are underway.

The Delights Shop was established in 2000 as a retail outlet for PAI. 

Anyone can plant a tree; nature does it best alone. A palm tree is a gift from the heavens. Its roots reach deeply into the earth, holding it firmly, while its stem shoots straight up into the clouds in defiance of gravity. Its fruits are not reachable to the passersby; one must labor to win its favor.

With hints of caramel and chestnut undertones, the Medjool date is both sweet and satisfying. The date’s generous, chewy texture makes it a substantially filling and nutritious snack.


For franchise opportunities please contact us on: t.jana@thedelightsshop.com